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8th Grade Promotion

As we get closer to Promotion, here is a reminder of some of the information we went over in our 8th grade meeting a few weeks ago:

Promotion is on Thursday, May 25 at 4pm at Salinas High School Football Stadium (The Pit)
There are NO tickets, so all family/friends may attend
Vídeo Español

Vídeo Español

Requisitos De Elegibilidad
English Video

English Video

Eligibility Requirement
More promotion expectations will be posted at a later date

More promotion expectations will be posted at a later date

NO Balloons allowed at the ceremony
Professional pictures will be taken as you are on the stage and a proof will be sent to you via email for your parents to view. If you missed promotion pictures here, your family can make an appointment with Cooks Photography
What to wear?
The gowns are ¾ length so anything below that shows
Dress pants or dark uniform pants are encouraged for those who want to wear pants. NO BLUE DENIM! 
Collared shirts with ties look the best under the gown. Reds are not allowed but any other colors are fine.
High spiked heels are not allowed. Flats or wedges are encouraged. 
Dress shoes are encouraged. If not available, then wear the nicest shoes you have.